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Pandora RW smart watch has been updated by Pandora engineers. Device has a new design and new circuit technique now.

GPS/GLONASS antenna has become more sensitive; watch synchronizes time using GPS so time is accurate within a fraction of a second. Also 2,4 GHz encryption algorithm has been slightly updated too.

New Pandora Online mobile app is already available for downloading in Google Play. It is developed to control Pandora car alarm systems using online-service.

Car alarm system Pandora DXL 3970 PRO is in stock now. It works on the same platform with Pandora DXL 5000 PRO and uses new processor, and new sensors signal processing system — all moving, tilts or shocks will be immediately detected.

Pandora run a technical conference as a part of Interauto-2015 exhibition in Moscow. Pandora technical specialists introduced to an audience a company developing strategy for 2016, told about advance inventions and advantages of coming ups and already available systems.

Car alarm system Pandect X-3000 is available now – it is a first system working with Pandect Info app for Android. You can also control a system via online-service.

Pandect X-3000 uses the same radiopath with Pandora DXL 5000 Pro and DXL 3970 Pro – it guarantees high defence level and compatibility with new Pandora accessories: NAV-035, RНM-6, IS-850 (IS-855).

Car alarm system Pandect X-1700 is in stock now – you can order it in our online-shop or visit our service centers in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk and other cities in Russia.

System works on Pandora Pro platform and has a lot of functions: there is 2CAN controller, GSM/GPRS module, remote start and an immobilizer with tags.

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